DIY Laser Cut Wedding Sign

We finally held our Chinese wedding celebration and like the aspiring DIYers we are trying to be, we decided to make our own sign.

We wanted the sign to have both Chinese and English. Inkscape allowed us to bring several iterations to life before the pair of us finally agreed on the final layout.

There was a lot of post processing involved in Inkscape after we finalized the design. Text had to be converted to paths and then the union tool was used to combine the overlapping paths. After the that process was finished we used the laser cutter to cut out the text as well as spacers to help align everything.

The back of the sign is MDF board that was painted with a roller and a sample size of paint. The text was spray painted with a base coat of gold and a top coat of gold glitter.

All the text was made of cardboard except for 囍 which was cut from acrylic. We used painters tape to hold the text down for spray painting because the smaller pieces kept flying off the table. Initially we used another type of spray-on adhesive but ended up needing to use spray-on gorilla glue to hold all of the text. The character 囍 was much heavier than the rest and would not stay in place until we used the gorilla glue.

This last picture is what it looked like before the text fell. The first photo in this post is what it looked like after we replaced all of the text and it is not completely aligned correctly. It goes to show how important those spacers were when we were gluing everything down in the beginning. If anyone wants to do this themselves we highly encourage choosing a thicker font because the cursive text was fairly hard to work with.

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