DIY Upright Bass Stand

I realized this post is a bit of lagging in terms of details especially after sharing it on Reddit and getting some good feedback. I will try to address some of those comments here and explain a few of the design decisions/features I made. The bass was stored by resting on its side and it took up a lot of space. We were going to have a lot of relatives visiting for a celebration and needed a way to get the bass to take up less space. I didn't have much time to work on it, so I settled on a simple design that used what I had around the garage.

The stand is made of only 4 pieces of wood to minimize the amount of cutting and tools for this project. Few different  bevel cuts were made to dial in the correct angle so that the base rested on the two sides. The corkboard is added since it is malleable and will conform to the sides of the base. This will allow the weight of the bass to be distributed over a larger surface area. The hole in the center of the stand is for the endpin to go through it. This guides the bass to the middle of the stand. The endpin does not rest or come into contact with the stand at all. The front of the stand also does not have a high fence, so the bass does not need to be lifted up high in order to be placed on the stand.

0.75” thick boards
0.25” thick Corkboard
Gorilla Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive
Watco Danish oil 
Pocket Screws

Tools used:
Pocket hole jig
Table Saw
Router w/ roundover bits
Miter Saw
Random Orbital Sander

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